Boy X

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Boy X

Dan Smith

Chicken House an imprint of Scholastic, Inc. 2017; 288 pages; $16.99.

Action & Adventure/Survival Stories/Science Fiction.

978-1-338-06564-0; ebook 978-1-338-06565-7

Ages 8-12, Grades 3-7

Ash McCarthy awakens in a sterile hospital-like room, hooked up to medications, with absolutely no idea how he got there.  The last thing he remembers is being with his mother at his father’s funeral.  As he sets out to find her, he meets Isabel, who is searching for her father.  In the otherwise empty laboratory, Isabel and Ash find her father and his mother, both infected by a deadly virus.  Together, they seek to find the antidote to save their parents’ lives and to find and destroy the virus.  The search takes Ash and Isabel across a jungle island, hiding from military type people trying to kill them, and a discovery that Ash is no longer a normal boy. Does Ash’s new found abilities help them or hinder them?  Do the military type people actually want to kill Ash or capture him for some diabolical purpose? 

All is not what it seems. This is a fast paced action survival story with many obstacles that take ordinary human abilities as well as Ash’s extraordinary abilities to overcome. A good addition to a school or classroom library. 


Kathleen Sanders

Fort Hays State University

Hays, KS