The Secret Witch

The Secret Witch

Jeff Severcool

Rowe Books, 2017, 250 pages; PB $12.99, Kindle edition Free

Identity/Witchcraft/Historical Fiction



Verity, a young teenage orphan, finds herself constantly questioning all of the beliefs she’s been taught growing up. When Verity’s sister is hung for being a witch in 17th century Salem, she seriously begins to detach from her Puritan beliefs, and begins to yearn for a world outside of Salem. As unexplainable events happen in the forest around town talk of witches and evil lurking in the forest begins.  While lost, questioning God, and curious about the darkness in the forest, Verity’s foster mother sends her to the church elders, who do nothing more but fuel her disbelief of the teachings of the church. Verity faces death as an accused witch but is saved by the mysterious Wilhelm, who changes her life forever. Together the two embark on a hunt to find the truths hidden within Salem’s Puritan church.

This story is just the beginning of Verity’s journey of searching for truths in a deceiving and complex world. The story takes many unforeseen turns that keep readers on edge and surprised. The story incorporates a modern twist to the history of the Salem era controversies, while still maintaining the authenticity of the historical time period. 

Daneele Dickerson

Little Rock, AR