Spill Zone


Spill Zone

Scott Westerfeld, Alex Pullivand, and Hilary Sycamore

First Second, 2017

215 pp, $22.99

Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Mystery, Family Relationships

ISBN: 978-1- 59643-936- 8

Three years ago, a mysterious event destroyed Addison’s hometown, killed her parents, and rendered her little sister mute. The government quarantined the city, now called the Spill Zone, to keep inside all sorts of dangerous creatures and bizarre phenomena. Addison makes a living by sneaking into the Spill Zone to photograph what is kept there, but when her photos catch the attention of a buyer with ulterior motives, she realizes that there might be more to the Spill Zone than she thought.

Westerfeld tells a tense, mysterious story brought to life by Puvilland’s abstract linework and Sycamore’s masterful use of color. Eerie, suspenseful, and at times disturbing, Spill Zone poses more questions about the world than it answers, but it is an engaging first volume in what appears to be a thrilling and fresh science fiction series.


Taylor von Kugelgen / Mary Warner

San Jose Staté University

San Jose, CA