Romina Russell

HB: Penguin Group 2014

319 pp.   $17.99


ISBN 978-1-59514740-0


Set in the distant future, humanity inhabits a galaxy where Guardians—who represent the 12 different Zodiac Houses—are sworn to protect and rule their people by reading the stars and predicting danger. However, a 16-year-old student from House Cancer, Rhoma Grace has her life turned upside down when an attack on Cancer’s moon disrupts her ocean planet and kills thousands, including Cancer’s Guardian. Rho is then named her House’s new leader. 


Now called Mother Rho by her people, she—and her advisor, Lodestar Mathias, along with Hysan, a young diplomat from House Libra—must travel the galaxy and warn the Guardians about the imminent attacks Rho has predicted in the stars. Rho suspects Ochus, the exiled Guardian of the 13th Zodiac, to be responsible for the attacks, but everyone just tells Rho he is a children’s legend. How can she gain their trust and unite the divided galaxy?


Reviewed by Amanda D. Lickteig

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS