Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink

Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink

Gail Carson Levine

HB: Harper 2015

295 pp.  $16.99

Reference—Fiction Writing Advice for Teens

ISBN 978-0-06-227530-1


In her second book on writing, Levine draws on material from her writers’ advice blog and addresses questions about fiction writing posed by her followers. According to Levine, "There's a lot to say about writing stories. A lot, because people tell stories constantly. We are forever shaping what happens to us into anecdotes and sometimes into grand sagas" (4). In a conversational tone to teen readers and fellow writers, Levine dedicates sections to developing characters, creating an engaging plot, crafting strong story aspects, and explaining some of the underpinnings of writing—such as tenses and word choice—as well as addressing aspects of poetry and blogging.


Throughout her book, Levine provides excerpts from stories and poetry to explain concepts. At chapter endings, readers are also given writing prompts to help them practice writing elements, which is always followed by Levine’s mantra—“Have fun, and save what you write!”


Reviewed by Amanda D. Lickteig

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS