Watch the Sky

Watch the Sky

Kirsten Hubbard

Disney Hyperion 2015

262 pp.  $16.99

Realistic Problem Novel

ISBN 978-1-4847-0833-0


Jory has more to worry about than the average 6th grader. The signs are everywhere; Jory never knows when his stepfather, Caleb, will explain. He only knoews he is afraid. Jory loves his mom, his “sister” Kit, who appeared in the field one day, and his baby brother. But he is wary of everyone else; Caleb says you can never trust anyone outside the family. Caleb has many demands, like having everyone wear combat boots, which makes Jory different when he goes to the public school. In time, Jory makes new friends and likes school. However, ultimately, he has to decide whether to trust Caleb or choose his own way.

Not only suspenseful but thought provoking, this novel does not target any group of “survivalists.” Caleb clearly suffers from PTSD, but he is not an evil man. However, unspecified fear can ruin lives, an important idea in these fearful times.


Reviewed by Gretchen Schwarz

Baylor University

Waco, TX