Sara Shepard

HarperCollins 2014

338 pp.   $17.99


ISBN 978-0-06-228704-5


For Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, Rosewood, Pennsylvania, has always been home, but it hasn’t always been safe. In the past couple of years, these four girls have faced death, been accused of murder, and fought their enemy, “A,” for longer than they care to remember. Vicious, the thrilling series finale, finally gives answers to a long awaited question: Will the Pretty Little Liars ever find peace?


With a possible prison sentence looming, the Liars not only question life as it is but what their future holds. The four friends must muster the last remaining strength within them and slowly begin to find themselves. This novel is one that makes readers ask the question: How do you know who you really are? Young readers must decide, along with the Liars, how they will choose to define themselves. Perhaps we are defined by our experiences; perhaps it is so much more.


Reviewed by Branda Greening

Student of Gretchen Schwarz

Baylor University

Waco, TX