Tragedy at the Triangle

Tragedy at the Triangle

Mary Kate Doman

History Press 2015

58 pp.    $14.99

Historical Fiction

ISBN 978-1-62619-645.2


The story of Cecelia, a Catholic immigrant, is a sweet little story. Events test the strength of the human spirit and friendship during a time of isolation as her family faces difficulty in a foreign land. This short book also draws the reader’s attention to the value of friendship and the necessity of acceptance of all people. Based on actual events of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, this book quickly grabs your attention as you are immersed in the New York City tenements of 1911. The ability to see past differences allows Cecelia and her new Jewish friend Rose to create a life-saving bond that defies all odds.


The reality of the girl’s situation makes a short, easy read and an emotional experience, as the themes of friendship and sacrifice are seen through the eyes of children, prematurely forced into a world of necessity.


Reviewed by Zach Posey

Student of Gretchen Schwarz

Baylor University

Waco, TX