The Second Guard

The Second Guard

J.D. Vaughn

Disney Hyperion 2015

432 pp.   $16.99


ISBN 978-1-4231-9037-0


In the realm of Tequende, all second born at the age of 15 must leave to serve the queen. Talimendra, or Tali, reports to join the second guard. During her training, she meets friends who will join her in finding the truth to a rumor that could ruin everything. She must look deep into her evidence to discover the truth. The search will bring her to know more about the realm and the different guilds.


The Second Guard is an enchanting tale about adolescents transitioning into adulthood. The book captivates by continually pulling the reader deeper into the culture of the realm of Tequende, including the excerpts of history about the realm that provide for a deeper understanding. Vaughn reveals each character slowly, which allows readers to uncover each character’s background and his or her importance to the story at the reader’s own pace. It’s an engaging read for all readers.


Reviewed by Miranda Koehn

Student of Gretchen Schwarz

Baylor University

Waco, TX