The Mermaid's Sister

The Mermaid’s Sister

Carrie Anne Noble

Skyscape 2015   

252 pp.   $9.99


ISBN 9781477820889


Sixteen-year-old Clara has lived her life dreading the day her sister, Maren, completes her mermaid transition. Maren has always felt an overwhelming interest in the ocean, while Clara wishes for a cure. Both adopted, Clara wonders what her heritage could force her to become. Carrie Anne Noble’s The Mermaid’s Sister begins with the caution that “wishing gets you nothing.” Clara constantly reminds herself of this as she wishes for things out of her reach. As Maren’s transition begins to accelerate, Clara and their lifetime family friend, O’Neill, realize Maren must be returned to the ocean or face death. As they set out on an adventure of a lifetime with their pet dragon and a slowly shrinking Maren, they must not only overcome love-struck mermaid followers and those who would abuse Maren’s condition but also come to the realization that wishing–and hope–give you far more than nothing.


Reviewed by Allanah Osborn

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT