The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling

Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple

Viking 2015

225 pp.    $16.99


ISBN 978-0-670-01435-4


The Last Changeling begins where The Hostage Prince left off, with Snail and Aspen, the Hostage Prince, on the run. As they travel through unfamiliar lands with new aliases, they must think on their feet to survive. To hide from the two armies tracking them, they join a troupe of traveling actors led by Professor Odds.


As they continue their journey with this entertaining troupe, they discover the magic within the group comprised of dwarves, unicorns, Maggie Light, and whatever the Professor might be. Their journey brings them up against friends and foes, new and old, as they come to learn more about themselves and that their journey has only just begun.


Both Snail and Aspen must draw on their wits and rely on each other if they wish to survive. Who can they trust? Who is Professor Odds?  Will they ever find a place that is truly safe?


Kimberlee Osenga

Fort Riley Middle School

Fort Riley, KS