The Game of Love and Death

The Game of Love and Death

Martha Brockenbrough

Arthur A Levine Books,  2015, 329 pp.,  $17.99

Love, Romance, Fantasy, Magic, Dating, Sex

ISBN:  978-0-545-66834-7


The Game of Love and Death begins on Feb. 13, 1920 when Love and Death pick their two players in their game.  Love chooses a white baby boy who has material things, while Death chooses an African-American baby girl from the poor side of town.  And so the relationship between Henry & Flora begins.  Death and Love manipulate their lives to see if they will have the courage to choose each other. While the book cover recommends this for grades 7 and above, it does deal with mature themes such as homosexuality and racial issues.  I feel it would be more appropriate for older readers.


Kaylyn Keating

Fort Riley Middle School Library

Fort Riley, KS