Carol Goodman

Viking Juvenile 2014

432 pp.    $17.99

Fantasy, Historical Fiction

ISBN 978-0-670-78477-6


Carol Goodman’s Ravencliffe continues the adventure of Avaline Hall, a student of the Order being trained to hunt intruding magical creatures. As half-darkling, Avaline is dreading the day the Order discovers her secret so she seeks refuge with a darkling named Raven. Despite the risk, the evil Judicus van Drood is out for revenge against the Order. Ava knows that only through working with the darklings will they be able to defeat him, but she is afraid of revealing her secret in the process.


Goodman’s novel explains the power self-doubt holds as it hangs like a dark cloud and shadows the truth. To defeat the shadow master van Drood, the girls of the Order must first see past their doubts using love and honesty. Ravencliffe is about looking past the lies and the misunderstanding and discovering truth. It raises the question: What would you risk for those you love?


Reviewed by Allanah Osborn

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT