Promise of Shadows

Promise of Shadows

Justina Ireland

Simon & Schuster 2014

371 pp.  $11.99


ISBN 978-1-4424-4465-2


Zephyr Mourning and her friend Cass are in hell.  They’re shoveling mud back and forth in Tartarus, part of the underworld.  Zepher, a harpy, is accused of being a godslayer by Hera, who wants her dead.  There is a prophecy of Nix, who will fight and restore order.  But many questions emerge: Will Zephyr accept the mantle placed upon her?  Can she trust Cass?  Can she find the shade of her deceased sister?  How will she pass from the underworld to the mortal realm?  And will she find romance with a childhood friend?


The themes of Greek mythology, romance, friendship, adventure, family problems, and drama are sure to appeal to young adults.


Reviewed by Kaylyn Keating

Fort Riley Middle School

Fort Riley, KS