Killing Time in Crystal City

Killing Time in Crystal City

Chris Lynch

HB: Simon & Schuster 2015

230 pp.  $17.99


ISBN 978-1-4424-4011-1


Whether he’s running from somewhere or to somewhere he isn’t sure, Kevin feels called to Crystal City.  He finds his way to his estranged uncle’s house and creates a new identity. Now known as “Kiki,” he makes friends with a group of homeless beach bums and two girls who are as lost and searching as he is.  But is it Kevin or “Kiki” they really like? Will new and dangerous adventures allow him to escape his miserable former life or propel him into new horrors worse than the reasons he left home? When he finds himself in desperate circumstances, he takes a hard look at who he is and who he wants to be.  With the help a new friend, he realizes there’s no shame in having a place to belong.  This story brings to the surface complicated issues of identity, family, and home.


Reviewed by Vicki Sherbert

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS