A Wicked Thing

A Wicked Thing

by Rhiannon Thomas

Harper Teen, 2015, 337 pp., $17.99

Fantasy, Magic

ISBN: 978-0-06-230353-0


Life, passion, deceit, and revenge—all common traits of a typical fairy tale. In her spinoff of Sleeping Beauty, Thomas is able to create a new story line of the aftermath of the true lovers’ kiss. What if Aurora wasn’t awakened by the man of her dreams? What if it was a young boy and it happened hundreds of years later when all the family and legacy of the majestic kingdom has been destroyed? Aurora, along with her soon-to-be husband, embarks on the trip of reality; dreams aren’t the same as life. The idea of a “bad” ending in which Aurora must find answers is intriguing. This story allows the reader to view a different, perhaps more real ending. The story continuously has plot fluctuations, keeping you on your toes. You develop strong feelings against and for characters. A Wicked Thing is a well-planned modern fairy tale.


Julio Ramirez

Student of Dr. Gretchen Schwarz

Baylor University

Waco, TX